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Hours of research on autism

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Correspondences with Autistics

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Years as autistic parent of autistic

Hello! Welcome.

My name is Samantha Craft (aka Marcelle Ciampi). I am best known for my blog and book and the Autistic Traits List. The Traits List was partially published in the book The Divergent Mind. I was also recently featured in the book We’re Not Broken. My own books can be found under the “Books” section.

As of Summer 2022, this website is undergoing updates. Please excuse our mess. 

For 2022, I am available for workshops, training, keynotes, panels, interviews, and college guest appearances.

Please reach out to me on LinkedIn, TikTok, or Twitter

I am not consulting or advising corporations in 2022 due to my doctoral studies.

I am still at Ultranauts Inc. serving as the neurodiversity advisor and ambassador. See the company here

If you are interested in job coaching for individuals or corporations, I suggest neuroguides.org

Samantha Craft 2022