Neurodiverse Conference Resources

This is the hub for resources to support my recent conference presentations.


LinkedIn articles I wrote that provides many other articles, for a great overview of neurodiversity and autism/workplace.

Autism in the Workplace: Can you Answer these Questions?

The Dark Side of Autism in the Workplace


A detailed account of some types of neurodiversity, including strengths and challenges.

Teaching for Neurodiversity A Guide to Specific Learning Difficulties 


A downloadable guide for transition planning from OAR.

Autism and the Transition to Adulthood


A historical overview of autism.

The Battle to Define Autism


A TEDx by thought leader Amy Laurent that provides a new way of supporting autistics.

Amy Laurent at TEDxURI 2019 Compliance is not the goal: Letting go of control and rethinking support for autistic individuals


Do you wonder about how to address an autistic individual. Here’s a discussion on that topic.

‘Autistic’ or ‘has autism’? Why words matter and how to get it right


Often autistics have coexisting conditions. An overview of helping an employee who is dyslexic.



Autism Empowerment Tool Kit (by my friend Karen)

This is a direct link to the PDF download.  It tends to automatically download in the background, so sometimes if you click on it, it seems like nothing is happening. An alternate link that leads to a landing page from which you can select “learn more” to get the kit is:


A resource for preparing youth on the spectrum for the workplace. From Steven Shore: ‘Hi Marcelle, Thank you for your interest in our curriculum. You can find it at Best wishes, Stephen’


A quick read which provides an overview of USA workplace accommodations and free support to call upon.

ADA-accommodations process handbook