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Marcelle Ciampi (aka Samantha Craft) Recent Appearances:

Mix 96 Radio, Different Brains, EACE Neurodiversity Conference, Washington State Employment Law & HR Conference, Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit, Southwest Washington Autism Conference, Bellingham SHRM, Metro Library Autism Advocacy Series, Microsoft, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle Aspiring Youth/Delphi Programs/Ryther, Stanford University Neurodiversity Summit, Elijah Winfrey Show, BNY Mellon, E*Trade, General Assembly (NY), Marshall University, Autism Explained Summit, North Carolina University, College of Autism Summit, Lexington Board of Health, Neuroguides Parent Webinar, AANE, AHEDD, University of New South Wales faculty (Australia), Bellevue College, Skills Empowered, Spectrumly Speaking. 

I was the former recruitment manager and community manager at Ultranauts Inc. and now serve as the Senior Manager of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and Ambassador. Ultranauts Inc. has been featured in the New York Times, by MIT, and in multiple media.

The Stanford Neurodiversity Project. Special Interest Group for Neurodiversity
‘Empowering Neurodivergent Adults in the Workplace through a Universal Design Inclusivity Lens’ Recording coming soon.

I presented twice at the Stanford Neurodiversity Summit 2020  — The five-day summit is available on YouTube. 

 DDI ON AUTISM on 103.9 FM: Keeping an Eye on Autism and Giving a Voice to its Long Island Community. Two 10-minute segments on the topic of being on the autism spectrum and neurodiversity.Marcelle is herself diagnosed with autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Join us for an intimate account of what it can mean to be neurologically diverse versus neurologically divergent and the potential implications of this distinction on self-image and readiness for success.


Sept. 25: Anthem/UniCare & Marshall University Neurodiversity Day. Panel about employment.

September 21 – September 25: Autism Explained Spoke in employment

October 1: University of New South Wales in Au event; spoke on the topic of neurodiversity awareness

October 9th: North Carolina Autistic Career Summit. Keynote for this event with my host Wesley Wade.

October 14: Samantha Craft Facebook Live Event: Loving Intention: Practicing Kindness in a Challenging World.

October 22: Neurodiversity at Work Panelist at Diversity & Inclusion Career Fair Sharing experiences with students at Bellevue College, Q & A discussion with panel moderator, Director of the Neurodiversity Navigator Program at Bellevue College, Sara Gardner.

October 17 – October 21: The Stanford University Neurodiversity Summit I was on the planning committee and spoke on a panel and hosted 1 hr. session on empowering autistic job seekers.

October 27 – October 30: College Autism Summit a 25-minute live session where I am talking about autism and empowerment. Lots to choose from!

November 14: Zoom Webinar: Late-age diagnosis, self-acceptance and empowerment on the autism spectrum Samantha Craft (Everyday Aspergers) and J David Hall (Life Guides for Autistics) share their stories about being diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

November 13 Southwest Washington Autism Conference End Keynote and workshop with my partner J David Hall on relationships. I was on the planning committee — and I came up with the theme: Beyond the Label!


2019 Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit 
Guest Speaker here:
Autism Hiring Initiatives and the Importance of Workplace Inclusion
Workplace Challenges for Women with Autism, with Marcie Ciampi M.Ed. (Samantha Craft) | Spectrumly Speaking ep. 68

Autism Live (see 40-minute mark) I talk about ULTRA Testing here.

A detailed conversation where we have a frank conversation about being on the autism spectrum from a late-age diagnosis, female, etc.

Actually Autistic Podcast 

8 Ways to Assist Your Autistic Loved One

Everyday Asperger’s: Crafting a Life on the Autism Spectrum, with Samantha Craft | EDB 163

The Professional Advantage of Neurodiversity, with Marcie Ciampi M.Ed. | EDB 164

Mix 96 Radio Appearance December 16, 2018 To download search here.