2019 and 2020

Sam is now a volunteer at neuroguides.org and a consultant for Spectrum Fusion and Uptimize! 

2019 Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit 
Guest Speaker here: https://www.metrofamilymagazine.com/autism-advocacy/
Autism Hiring Initiatives and the Importance of Workplace Inclusion
Workplace Challenges for Women with Autism, with Marcie Ciampi M.Ed. (Samantha Craft) | Spectrumly Speaking ep. 68

Autism Live (see 40-minute mark) I talk about ULTRA Testing here.

A detailed conversation where we have a frank conversation about being on the autism spectrum from a late-age diagnosis, female, etc.

Actually Autistic Podcast 

8 Ways to Assist Your Autistic Loved One

Everyday Asperger’s: Crafting a Life on the Autism Spectrum, with Samantha Craft | EDB 163

The Professional Advantage of Neurodiversity, with Marcie Ciampi M.Ed. | EDB 164

Mix 96 Radio Appearance December 16, 2018 To download search here.