Featured Artist

Thank you David for the lovely photo

Thank you David for the lovely photo




It is the tradition of Spectrum Suite, LLC to feature artists on our website through a non-competitive selection process. We support a variety of artistic expression from across the globe with a special focus on neurodiversity and autism. This is a free service.


Specifics to be considered as a featured artist (or writer) on the Spectrum Suite, LLC website are:

  •  A connection to the arts and a neurodivergent individual. This might mean the artist is autistic or that they support the neurodiverse movement or a neurodivergent individual in some recognizable manner (such as a parent advocate.)

We accept inquiries from all ages and all countries, from both novice self-taught artists (and authors) and well-established professional artists, and from individuals who sell their art or partake in art for hobby. Art can include multiple forms, such as performing arts or visual arts.


Featured artists and authors provide images of their works for Spectrum Suite, LLC to display on the website and complete an interview questionnaire (or provide their own written biography). Spectrum Suite approves all images and write-ups before they are published onto the site. The art works are displayed on this site and remain on the website there after. All works belong to the artist. We encourage the artists to provide contact information and links to their own online sties. YouTubes are welcomed and other audio introductions.


All interested artists are encouraged to make inquiries by contacting our company through email. Someone will respond to the inquiry within two weeks.