Online Autism Community Groups



This is a collection of online Autism, Aspergers, or Neurodiverse Community Groups suggested by autistics from Everyday Aspergers or Samantha Craft’s Facebook page. Spectrum Suite LLC is not affiliated with the groups listed below (except Everyday Aspergers) and reminds you to please use caution when joining a new group, and to tell someone if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a group. Some of the groups listed are for females only. To suggest a group, contact Sam on Twitter @aspergersgirls.

Facebook Community Groups

Sisterhood of the Autistic Woman

Moms of Aspergirls

Mums on the Spectrum

aspie girl: a closed encounter


Sounds allistic but ok // autistic memes

Autistic Older Adults

Support for Adult Aspies (open to men and women)

Females with Aspergers 

Creative Aspie Women

International Asperwomen

Aspirations and Autieness

Asperger’s Syndrome Contact Group

Spectrum of Possibilities 

Autistics Worldwide 

Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

Like a Square Peg (Focusing on people that are questioning if they are on the spectrum or not. We aren’t promoting it as a “support group” as we don’t feel qualified to officially offer support but more as a discussion and information sharing space.)

Neurodiverse Adults and Allies Advocating Agency

Neurodiversity Listening Society

Adult Aspergers Support Community 

Heart For Autism (New Zealand)

Autistic Women’s Association 

TheAutcast Aspergers and Autism Community 


Karleigh’s Story – the Awesomeness of ASD

Autismo Girl New Zealand

Rachel Barcellona The Ability Beyond Disabilities

Tina J R 

Our Beautiful Random Thoughts (3 autistic women share their thoughts)

Autistic Women’s Collective 

Autistic London 

Autistic Wigan Hub

Autistic UK  (twitter @autisticUK)

Spectrum Parents of Spectrum Kids 



Facebook Autistic Public Figure or Author Page

Everyday Aspergers

Autistic Not Weird 

The Girl with The Curly Hair (Author and Organization)



Facebook Information Page

Adventures of Aspiegirl

Bill Nason Autism Discussion Page (Bill Nason is not autistic.)

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

Autism with a Side of Fries (Mother of autistic)


Facebook Fun Page

You Might be an Aspie If

Michael McCreary – AspieComic  (Inspiration and guidance)



Like a Square Peg (UK)

Autism Animated 

Puzzle Piece (A support group for parents with children on the autism spectrum who have to co-parent, or attempt to co-parent with someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder.)

Other Agencies

Aspect (Australia’s largest non-profit autism specific service provider)

Sparkle Sheffield (Information, general support group stuff, workshops and talks, help with forms, school talks and are now a registered charity too.)

Other Online Groups

WRONG PLANET (well liked forum)

Reddit (search autism or aspergers)