Due to unavoidable health circumstances, AVA is on hold until further notice. Sam will keep you posted. 


What is AVA? Autism Volunteer Association (AVA) is a professional organization founded by Spectrum Suite. Members are autistics and those associated with the autism community and culture. Members include individuals from all walks of life.

What’s it About? Many of us in the autism community have much knowledge to share. Many of us have a giving spirit and want to give to give. The goal of the Autism Volunteer Association is to provide a professional, safe and accepting place to share accessible and affordable resources to the benefit of the autism community. 

How Do I Become a Member? Membership is easy and free. Follow the steps below and join our forum. Once you join and contribute to a conversation, you are an official member of AVA. 

When do we Meet? You can log on to the forum anytime from anywhere, once you are a member. I will show up on the second Tuesday of every month and encourage others to do the same, if you have time.

How Does AVA Benefit Me? 

  • list AVA on a resume or CVC, if you are an active participant
  • offer out support and share resources
  • promote your own business or organization
  • offer services to others, including special promotions
  • meet new people and form new friendships
  • help create an AVA meeting in your local community
  • post a new idea
  • be part of a grassroots cause

Can I Invite Others to Join? Yes! We encourage you to invite other professionals to join AVA’s forum.

How Is AVA Unique? AVA is a worldwide community. Membership is free. There is no profit made by the founder. It’s sole purpose is to offer support to autistics. It is not an activist group. You can self-identify how you choose (with autism, Autie, Aspie, with Aspergers, autistic, etc.).

Is AVA a Support Group? No. But AVA members can list safe support groups on Facebook they have found as well as unsafe groups. Also, members can list their name under peer-mentors: someone willing to meet in Facebook or Twitter chat to offer support.

What is the Forum For? To meet and chat and share resources, to offer support in Facebook chat or Twitter chat. To expand AVA through discussions and ideas.

Do We Meet in Person? Yes. Currently we meet in the state of Washington on the second Tuesday of every month (except July) in Sam’s home. These are “Spectrum Women’s Gatherings,” where some are members of AVA/Spectrum Suite and some are community members (autistic or non-autistic friend, support person, professional). As we expand, we hope to see AVA gatherings around the world, men’s groups, and men’s/women’s groups.

So How Does It Work? We are just getting started (January 2017), so AVA will grow and form as we meet and discuss things. The main goal is to provide support and affordable resources to autistics. There are several categories on our forum. (Hosted at Autism Animated.) This is where we meet to share resources.

  1. Read through the guidelines below.
  2. Follow the link to join for free.
  3. Click on AVA and join a discussion.


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How Can I Help? There are a number of ways you can help. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Introduce yourself as a peer mentor. When someone needs a listening ear, we will know how to find you.
  2. Join a discussion topic and offer out your ideas, experience, resources.
  3. Ask others to join.
  4. Start a new topic that you think will benefit others, under a forum index title.
  5. Make suggestions to Sam or Gary about how to improve the forum.
  6. Make suggestions about how to expand AVA.
  7. Start a second-Tuesday of the month gathering where you live.

Can You Tell me More About the Forum? Sure! Autism Animated will host AVA forums. It is free to join Autism Animated. AVA is not a place to post concerns about personal relationships or political agendas. Anyone connected to the autism community is welcome to join our online forums.

Are There Guidelines to the Forum? AVA encourages active listening and discourages offering direct advice. AVA encourages peer-mentors (who meet on Facebook Chat or Twitter) and all members to 1) listen, 2) offer their own life experience in example, 3) offer encouragement, 4) provide resources when applicable, 5) not give out address and phone number.

Where do the Members Come From? All over the world. Most find AVA through Samantha Craft’s Facebook page and are on Sam’s friend’s list there. AVA members are not screened and do not undergo background checks. Members are everyday people meeting to share information. Use the same precautions you would for online social media. 

Anything Else I Should Know? Members who are purposely offensive, making threats or putdowns, singling out a select group or person, name calling, pushing a political or religious agenda, or the like, will be removed. Membership is under the discretion of the owner of Autism Animated and President of Spectrum Suite. AVA respects your right to self-identify.

AVA Professional Forum

You will find the forum topics to the right of the main forum page at Autism Animated. Step one is to become a member and log in to participate.  

Click here to get started  

Home Page  at Autism Animated 

Forum Index  < great place to log in at after you are a member

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Spectrum Suite LLC and Autism Animated are not responsible for who enters the forum, makes contact, or other’s behavior; members do not undergo background checks. Do not use the forum to discuss personal issues or share personal contact information, please. Thank you.