Samantha Craft’s Blogs: Millions of Views

The blog Everyday Asperger’s was started in 2012, shortly after Samantha found out she was an Aspie (now she uses the term autistic). Sam was first diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome by a licensed mental health therapist and then later “officially” diagnosed by a psychologist. Sam, a mother of three sons, one who is on the autism spectrum, was in her 40’s, when she was diagnosed.

Sam’s blog was originally over 1,200 pages in length and written over a time period of approximately 3.5 years. It has millions of views, to date.

During this time, Sam also started a secondary blog, with over 100 pages of poetry, prose, and artwork, called “Belly of a Star.” It’s still active.

Both blogs remain online with most of their original content intact; some modifications have been made to the Everyday Asperger’s blog, with the publishing of the book: Everyday Aspergers.

To construct the book, Everyday Aspergers, Sam began with 1,200 single-spaced pages and spent six months deconstructing and organizing the pages—pulling out the best of the best for her future readers. From there she edited, modified, and re-modified with the assistance of professional editors. All in all, Sam estimates some of the book chapters, particularly the older childhood vignettes, have been edited over 15 hours a page. The detailed editing was for a number of reasons, including Sam’s challenges with dysgraphia and dyslexia, and her extreme sensitivity to both the rhythm and flow of words and vocabulary word choice.

You can read a bit more about the book process here.

Samantha’s third blog Everyday Aspie was renamed Everyday Autistic and is still active.

Samantha Craft’s retired blog, Everyday Aspergers can be found here: Everyday Aspergers

Steff and Sam

Steff and Sam