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Walking to the Beat of autism

Fifteen autistic women describe life from a female autistic perspective, and present empowering, helpful and supportive insights from their personal experience for fellow autistic women. Michelle Garnett’s comments validate and expand the experiences described from a clinician’s perspective, and provide extensive recommendations. Autistic advocates including Liane Holliday Willey, Anita Lesko, Jeanette Purkis, Artemisia and Samantha Craft offer their personal guidance on significant issues that particularly affect women, as well as those that are more general to autism. Contributors cover issues including growing up, identity, diversity, parenting, independence and self-care amongst many others. With great contributions from exceptional women, this is a truly well-rounded collection of knowledge and sage advice for any woman with autism.

Everyday Aspergers

a memoir by samantha craft

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“There has never been another book like Everyday Aspergers. In prose that is alternatingly playful, witty, brave, heartbreaking, and encouraging, Samantha Craft explores her experience of life on the spectrum in meticulous and comprehensive detail. Many parts of the book — including “116 Reasons I Know I Have Asperger’s Syndrome” and her description of her journey to “Planet Aspie” and return to Earth — are classic, stand-alone set pieces that rank with the very best writing from autistic self-advocates. This book is a gift for autistic people in general, for autistic women in specific, and for neurotypical readers who want to become more effective allies. By exploring her autism, Craft teaches us all how to be more compassionate and alive human beings.” ~ Steve Silberman, author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity


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What the Autistic Community has to say about Samantha Craft & Everyday Aspergers:

“When I found you, I was almost to the point of giving up. Misdiagnosed all my life, I seemed very different, even strange to myself. I did things that I couldn’t explain. It was very hard to fit in at work, with family, anywhere really. I owe you a lot. My life has changed completely.”


“You are one of the reasons I have hope with being a female with Asperger’s. Every blog post I’ve read of yours, it represents finding independence among the spectrum; to get past the stigmas and the isolation we can feel, to get to where we need to be, which is to be free. You have taught me a lot in learning to embrace those things about myself that I don’t find perfect. I appreciate what your story with having Asperger’s represents, and believe it’s going to inspire many other people including those without Asperger’s to find themselves on this amazing journey in life.”


“So excited to get my hands on my very own copy of Everyday Aspergers new book. Samantha Craft’s blogs have been a comfort when I need reassurance, a wise friend when I am feeling lonely and place of discovery helping me to find my forever missing identity. Age 49, I have found a place where I feel I belong. Thank you so much Samantha Craft for your passion, honesty, and always brilliant writing.”


“The Everyday Aspergers blog changed my life. Knowing that information will be available, in a new improved format, is like waiting for Christmas day. I just know it’s gonna be good!” ~ Lennee


I cannot wait to finally read the fabulous book that Samantha Craft has labored on for years. I would love to see her common sense and wisdom and brilliance in experiencing and dealing with situations that we Aspies face each day and especially female autistics.”


“I am looking forward to holding Sam Craft’s first book Everyday Aspergers in my hands and feeling the weight of the wisdom, compassion and understanding the words within contain.”


“I can’t wait for Everyday Aspergers because it is one more book in the fight for Autism awareness for women. When I started my research, it was hard to find anything. These books are great resources for those of us seeking help to further accept who we are.”


“Do you want to really get how it is to be an Aspergers, a woman Aspergers? Samantha Craft, in her friendly, warm, and deeply-sensitive, insightful diary-blog turned book, Everyday Aspergers, welcomes you into this world as we Aspies live it. Don’t be surprised to discover some or many parts of your own self coming into the light! This book is a treasure you will want to share, write in and keep by your bed.”


“There’s nothing worse than feeling alone and misunderstood. Sam has the gift of putting into words how thousands of us think and feel, of expressing things many of us find difficult to impossible to communicate, assuring us we’re not alone at all.”


“I think it will just be great as it’s from a woman’s personal journal with growing up not knowing she had Aspergers until later on in life. The experiences she has had a lot of us relate to. It (her blog) helped me see myself having those same experiences and just makes it real. Also, to know I’m not alone. So, I’m looking forward to it. It helps me understand the puzzle and is very inspiring.”


“I enjoy the blog posts and Facebook group, and cannot wait to read more detail.”


“I can’t wait to read this book! Every day you give me extra pieces to the puzzle I’ve been desperately trying to solve for 37 years. I can’t wait to see my finished product, and I know this book can help me get there quicker!”


“I am waiting with great anticipation for the book, Everyday Aspergers, to be released. There is a growing restlessness among those of us who have Asperger’s to stand up and be counted. We are finding each other amongst a vast array of false information. We are the voice of who we are, and Samantha Craft is a pivotal and gracious spokesperson for this change in understanding…… that can no longer be ignored.”

Jennifer R.

“I think my biggest yearning is to be understood. I don’t even necessarily need to be accepted, just understood. When I first found Sam Craft’s blog I rejoiced. This awesome lady was just like me; she understood how I thought and felt. She made me proud to be me rather than ashamed. Her book to me will be worth its weight it gold.”


“It’s been an enlightening experience learning about Aspergers and learning how to fit into this often confusing world. I have read many of EA posts the last few years . . . and it will be amazing to read these familiar words that have been such a comfort in the pages of a book. It will be an amazing experience.”


“Everyday Aspergers is an unusual and powerful exploration of one woman’s marvelously lived life. Reminiscent of the best of Anne Lamott, Everyday Aspergers jumps back and forth in time through a series of interlocking vignettes that give insight and context to her lived experience as an autistic woman. The humor and light touch is disarming, because underneath light observations and quirky moments are buried deep truths about the human experience and about her own work as an autistic woman discerning how to live her best life. From learning how to make eye contact to finding ways to communicate her needs to being a dyslexic cheerleader and a fraught mother of also-autistic son, Samantha Craft gives us a marvelous spectrum of experiences. Highly recommended for everyone to read — especially those who love people who are just a little different.”

Ned Hayes, bestselling author of The Eagle Tree

“Everyday Aspergers is a fun, poignant series of snapshots into the mind of a wife, mother, educator-turned-therapist during the days she spent processing her own late diagnosis. Each vignette is a sweet morsel of insight and generosity of spirit as she lays raw, her very personal journey. Finally something for families and especially women to read a day at a time–as it was written–as they also take their own small steps to self-awareness and insight.”

Dena L. Gassner, PhD Student in Social Welfare at Adelphi University; National Board Member Arc US and GRASP; Director of the Center for Understanding.

“Samantha Craft has put together a series of personal stories which offer an amazing insight for Aspergirls specifically. Her journey of acceptance, inclusion, and understanding of her own identity is inspirational and I will share this book with all of my clients on the spectrum. I am beyond impressed with her journey and her commitment to sharing her personal life with other people on the spectrum. Amazing work!”

Frank Gaskill, Ph. D., author of the graphic novel Max Gamer, a contributing author to The Walking Dead Psychology, and Star Wars Psychology: The Dark Side of the Mind. He is also the host of the Dr. G. Aspie show

“Craft is a positive and professional strengths-based role model with many gifts. Her insightful story illuminates the multiple attributes I’ve observed in the hundreds of females I’ve assessed and diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The information is current and prolific. Her self-reflection, intelligence, humor, and faith are refreshing. This is one book that I’ll be recommending in my “what next” sections with my clients. Everyday Aspergers will no doubt serve as a helpful resource to many.”

Tania Marshall, M.Sc., psychologist and gold winning author of I am Aspien Woman and I Am AspienGirl

“Everyday Aspergers is easy to read, accessible and incredibly relatable. As an Autistic woman myself, I found countless points of commonality with Craft’s experiences and thoughts about life. The book is passionate—a great work of advocacy, as well as an honest and heartfelt personal account of the author’s life. The book presents a life lived with challenges but also with great strengths and quiet wisdom. Craft shatters a number of myths around things like Autism and empathy, creativity and love. It was moving and meaningful on many levels. If you are on the Autism spectrum yourself or know, love or care for someone who is, I strongly recommend this book. Thanks Samantha Craft for putting this good thing into the world.”

Jeanette Purkis, Autistic advocate, artist and author of Finding a Different Kind of Normal, The Wonderful World of Work and author of The Guide to Good Mental Health on the Autism Spectrum

“Everyday Aspergers, the new book, as much as the blog, is a valuable resource for anyone in any way touched by ASD, as well as an honest insight for anyone else into the workings of Samantha Craft’s wonderfully poetic brain. To try and explain in what way her writings have improved my life, my marriage, and my relationship to friends and family would be to write a whole other book. She is a kind and incredibly insightful human being, whose experiences resonate with many people on the autism spectrum, male and female alike. I particularly appreciate her wonderfully elaborate “Ten Traits (Females with Aspergers)” list. Everyday Aspergers will- no shimmer of doubt in my mind – help generations of people in need of a familiar voice.”

Jasmin Egner, Autistic Actress, Autism & Mental Health advocate

“‘The Encyclopedia of Aspergers’–written by someone who lives it every day. Funny, honest, touching and real, Everyday Aspergers is a book that can be turned to again and again–for reference, support, and for reassurance. I recommend it highly.”

Rachael Lucas, author of Sealed with a Kiss and Wildflower Bay