2016 Year in Review


Samantha Craft, M.Ed. is the founder and president of Spectrum Suite LLC, the job recruiter for ULTRA Testing, an autism educator, the author of the blog and book Everyday Aspergers, Selection Committee Chair at the ANCA World Autism Festival and is active in autism groups locally and globally. She can be reached on Twitter at aspergersgirls & at info@myspectrumsuite.com.

2016  Events 

MAY 2016 Interview at “Married with Aspergers Blog. Samantha being interviewed by Blog Talk Radio by Jeanette Purkis, autistic author and advocate in Australia.

JUNE 2016 June 4th: Samantha speaking at a local radio show at Mixx 96.1 KXXO (Mine is July 3rd ‘Marci’ toward bottom of page) about Asperger’s Syndrome awareness. June 8th: Samantha was a guest speaker and panel participant at a local event for OUR HEALTH FUND as part of a panel discussion that works regularly to provide support, resources, and communication for those recovering from psychiatric medication. June 16th: Samantha’s article 10 Tips to Help Your Autistic Children and Adults is featured on The Art of Autism. June 18th: “Meet Samantha Craft” on Autism Articulated blog.

July 2016 July 18th: Talkin Live with Elijah Winfrey of Team Winfrey. Topic of Aspergers Syndrome, Community Service, and the book, Everyday Aspergers. (Recording here)  July Samantha and two other autistic women discuss on 50-minute YouTube what it’s like being autistic. 

August 2016 Sam is a new member of the International Aspergirl Society  August 21, 12 p.m – 4 p.m: First annual Everyday Aspergers/Spectrum Suite gathering

 September & October

Sam is featured at Spectrum Woman Magazine in the article Glad Tidings from a late-age diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

Interview with Samantha Craft of Everyday AspieOctober 2016

Issue 53 Autism Parenting Magazine article and Everyday Aspergers book introduction.

Sept 30 – Oct 5 Sam is a delegate attending World Autism Festival in Vancouver B.C., Canada


Attending panel discussion at US Consulate in Vancouver, BC, Canada with ANCA World Autism Festival









Thursday, Oct 13th a live webinar “Embracing Aspergers” Webcast with Samantha Craft and Gary Jesch from Autism Animated.

Two art students watching the live webinar

Two art students watching the live webinar

Tuesday, Oct 18th guest on Talking Live with Elijah Winfrey of Team Winfrey. The Elijah Winfrey Show.

Sam attended Autism Spectrum Navigators Conference in Bellevue, WA.

November & December 2016 

Interview at AWESOME AUT[ODIDACTIC]ISM Blog about homeschooling my middle son.

Blog radio interview with Jeanette Purkis author, public servant, and passionate advocate for autistic people and their families. Emma Goodall, Ph.D. author, blogger, autism advisor, education consultant and autistic.