Marcelle Ciampi M.Ed. (aka Samantha Craft), a respected autistic author and worldwide advocate, is best known for her writings found in the well-received book Everyday Aspergers, endorsed by best selling authors Steve Silberman and Ned Hayes. Marcelle was instrumental in creating one of the first support groups for late-age diagnosed autistic individuals (2012). Her resources have enabled 1000s of adults to receive an ASD diagnosis. A former school teacher, she has been featured in various literature, including peer-reviewed journals, the Stanford project: ND GiFTS, ICare4 Autism, Exceptional Needs Today, Autism Parenting Magazine, Oracle, Neuroclastic, The Mighty, The Art of Autism, ERE,, Different Brains, and more.
Considered an expert in the field of neurodiversity in the workplace, by key thought leaders such as Judy Singer, Marcelle has been quoted in multiple books and research studies. She serves as the Ambassador and Senior Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Ultranauts Inc., an engineering firm (featured in the NY Times) with a neurodiversity-hiring initiative, where Marcelle is credited for developing an innovative universal design approach for inclusion. Her knowledge is shared through consultancy work at quality enterprises, such as Uptimize and Spectrum Fusion. A contributing author of Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism, Marcelle speaks globally on the topic of life as a neuro-distinct individual and best equity and inclusivity practices. She also serves as the founder of Spectrum Suite LLC, the Co-founder of the Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit, Co-executive of LifeGuides for Autistics, and a contributor and advisor to autism organizations and conferences around the world. Some of her works, especially the Autistic Traits List, have been translated into multiple languages and been widely shared in counseling offices, globally. Marcelle is diagnosed autistic with gifted-intellect, and is also dyslexic and dyspraxic. She resides in the Pacific Northwest U.S.A. with her sons and autistic life partner. 

Recent appearances

” . . . Brilliant presentation. There is so much information. I’m sure a lot of the audience has benefited . . .” Dr. Lawrence Fung, Head of Stanford University Neurodiversity Summit 2020

“Looking forward to hearing from the amazing Marcelle Ciampi.” Judy Singer, Sociologist who coined the word ‘Neurodiversity’ 

“By exploring her autism, Craft teaches us all how to be more compassionate and alive human beings.” Steve Silberman, author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

“I just wanted to say how strongly I admire your insights and how deeply I was moved by hearing you speak at the Stanford Neurodiversity Summit. Definitely cried and more importantly, felt SO connected and inspired by just watching this.” Autistic Researcher & Consultant

“What a brilliant session. Marcelle is such a constructive speaker. Her ability to cut clearly to the issue and explain in such easy to understand terms elements, such as inclusion/diversity and universal design is powerful. Working to ensure an inclusive world, especially in employment, where there is no ‘less than/more than.’ Thank you for this powerful session.” Viewer at the Autism Explained Summit

“Myself and the whole GA community were so incredibly moved by your words on stage.The whole General Assembly community was truly in awe of the presentation.” Daniel Robinson, General Assembly, NY

“It was so wonderful to meet you . . . at the pre-conference and join you for the breakout session . . . You had such a wonderful impact on me, personally and professionally. Everything you shared was so excellent. I furiously took notes and have provided your name and resources you shared to a number of family, friends, and colleagues already and I only just got back to my campus. Keep doing all the great work you are doing. It is helping so many people.”  Kate, EACE conference participant

“Your autism checklist changed my life!” Autistic woman

“Thank you very much for your amazing writing and all you do for the autistic community!” Adult on the spectrum

“Excellent and informative presentation. Also so relaxed and fun.” Brian Bird, Autistic Advocate

“I am so grateful and proud of you for leading the ways with not only your brave words and also your actions. Only few advocates can plant seeds well, by exercising self-control, setting boundaries and passion to continue to learn; that is your gift.” Professional Associate

“Talk about a life changing moment for me! It is so heartwarming to see the description as a neutral or even endearing series of traits; many of which we adore about our son!” Sophie L.

“I want to say that you impacted my life so much, and we’re one of the people online who helped me realize that I am probably autistic (because of your female checklist). So keep doing the work you’re doing because you’re certainly making a difference!” Shani

“Craft is a tremendously comforting fountain of information on for anyone on the spectrum and the people who love them.” Paige Morano