Meet Kimberly Gerry Tucker

We are pleased to announce Kimberly Gerry Tucker’s design concept has been selected for the new book cover for Everyday Aspergers (2nd edition, release date 2018 by Your Stories Matter Publishing Company).


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Since 1999, Kimberly Gerry-Tucker has regularly published writing on selective mutism/autism experience; in journals, books and anthologies like: Kaleidoscope, Aspergers Digest, Women From Another Planet (Jean Kearnes Miller) and Selective Mutism In Our Own Words (Carl Sutton & Cheryl Forrester), where her artwork also appears on the cover. Kim is a prolific East Coast acrylic artist and on the Board of Directors with The Art of Autism (Debbie Muzikar, Keri Bower). Kim was interviewed in Keri Bowers’ 2006 docu-film ARTS. Kim authored the memoir: Under The Banana Moon (Living, Loving, Loss & Aspergers). She currently lives in Connecticut working as a software tester, artist, and writer and has upcoming work in a book by McFarland Press.



Kim’s Author page:

Kim’s Book Under The Banana Moon available here:

Twitter: @Kimsmercurygirl


Congratulations Kim!

From Spectrum Suite LLC and Your Stories Matter.


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