Mission and Values



Our Mission:

We aim to provide encouragement and support to the neurodiverse population, and surrounding communities worldwide, through accessible and affordable community outreach, community connection, education, and resources.

Our Belief:

We believe supporting the neurodiverse community, and their families, through accessible and affordable educational resources, information, and events, has far reaching benefits to society, including an increased sense of personal well being and belonging, community connection, and educational and job opportunities.

Our Values:

We focus on Ability-First education that respects the dignity and differences of all individuals.

We recognize the skills, attributes, and talents of neurodivergent thinkers.

We support business and agency leaders with their inclusive efforts related to the neurodiverse community, including hiring and awareness initiatives.

We respect everyone’s right to self-identify.

We uphold the ideology that the best approach to learn about neurodiversity is to go to the source: a neurodivergent individual.

We envision a world of equality, where no individual is singled out as inferior or less than; as part of this vision, we work to transform the ‘We’ and ‘Them’ diversity mentality to The Us Culture.

We acknowledge a diversified world of inclusion and acceptance inspires compassion, innovation, and transformation.

We recognize autism is a state of being, an identity, and a culture.

We do not view autism spectrum conditions as a ‘disorder,’ but another way of perceiving and processing the world.

Our Promise:

Our promise is

1) to provide quality educational and support services,

2) to produce quality educational literature, videos, and interviews about diversity, inclusion, and autism/Aspergers,

3) to provide a realistic view of neurodiversity, void of common stereotypes and assumptions,

4) to expand and grow, through partnership and collaboration with other organizations, in order to bring further autism awareness and education,

5) to maintain an overriding support and compassion for neurodivergent individuals and organizational leaders with inclusive goals and effort.