Mission and Values

Our Mission

We aim to provide encouragement, support, skill training, and resources to individuals through accessible and affordable coaching, consulting, community outreach, community connection, and education.

Our Belief

We believe supporting individuals through accessible and affordable resources has far reaching benefits to society, including an increased sense of personal well being and belonging, community connection, and educational and job opportunities.

Our Values

We focus on Ability-First coaching and education that respects the dignity and differences of all individuals. We recognize the skills, attributes, and talents of divergent thinkers. We support business and agency leaders with their inclusive efforts related to the neurodiverse community, including hiring and awareness initiatives. We respect everyone’s right to self-identify. We envision a world of equality, where no individual is singled out as inferior or less than; as part of this vision, we work to transform the ‘We’ and ‘Them’ diversity mentality to The Us Culture. We acknowledge a diversified world of inclusion and acceptance inspires compassion, innovation, and transformation.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide quality coaching, consulting, and support services for our clients and associates.