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2020 Neurodiversity Events and Appearances
Hello. Sam will be posting information about recent radio interviews, podcast appearances, and articles soon. 2021 information coming soon. Please note, Sam is taking a ‘stay-cation’ much of December, following many events in the fall/winter 2020 season. We will be offering free relationship webinars in 2021. To join our webinar email list or general email list, message me at (marcellelinn@icloud.com).
I hope you and yours are safe and well. 
PAST EVENTS Fall 2020:
Sept. 25: Anthem/UniCare & Marshall University Neurodiversity Day. I will be speaking on a panel about employment.
September 21 – September 25: Autism Explained is all pre-recorded, so you can watch in a 48-hour time period. My topic is on employment.
October 1: University of New South Wales in Au event; speaking on the topic of neurodiversity awareness
October 9th: North Carolina Autistic Career Summit. I am the keynote for this event with my host Wesley Wade.
October 14: Samantha Craft Facebook Live Event

Loving Intention: Practicing Kindness in a Challenging World. 9 a.m. PST Pacific Time – Los AngelesAfter years of connecting with beautiful souls, Samantha Craft (author, educator, speaker), will be hosting a Facebook Live event for individuals around the globe.The intention is to create a safe space for mature discussion and community connection.No need to RSVP. No-cost event. You are welcome to share this announcement within your community circles.

October 22: Neurodiversity at Work Panelist at Diversity & Inclusion Career Fair Sharing experiences with students at Bellevue College, WA, USA (Virtual). Neurodiversity inclusivity and Q & A discussion with panel moderator, Director of the Neurodiversity Navigator Program at Bellevue College, Sara Gardner.

October 17 – October 21: The Stanford University Neurodiversity Summit I was on the planning committee. I am speaking on Sunday and Wednesday about employment. The committee spent a lot of hours bringing this together! 2000 attending.

October 27 – October 30: College Autism Summit Most is all pre-recorded with some follow up discussion times offered. My session will be a 25-minute live session where I am talking about autism and empowerment. Lots to choose from!
November 14: Zoom Webinar: Late-age diagnosis, self-acceptance and empowerment on the autism spectrum 9:30 a.m. PST (GMT-O7:00) Pacific Time – Los Angeles. Samantha Craft (Everyday Aspergers) and J David Hall (Life Guides for Autistics) share their stories about being diagnosed on the autism spectrum. RSVP by Nov. 10th by contacting Marcelle Ciampi on Linkedin, aspergersgirls on Twitter, Samantha Craft Facebook, or use contact form on this website. Include your email address. Cost: Pay what you can event

November 13 Southwest Washington Autism Conference 10th annual event. I will be doing an endnote at the tail end of the conference and a workshop with my partner J David Hall on relationships. I was on the planning committee — and I came up with the theme: Beyond the Label! Keynote by Haley Moss, most workshops with neurodiverse presenters.Wide range of topics from relationships and communications, teachers and parents as partners, anti-racism, IEPs, DDA, and self-advocacy.

November 10: AHEDD 12-1 pm ET- STRATEGIES FOR RECRUITMENT AND ONBOARDING- SUCCESS IN NEURODIVERSITY-HIRING INITIATIVES – Join us as Marcelle Ciampi, M.Ed., Outreach Specialist for Ultranauts Inc., an engineering company with an autism-hiring initiative, shares strategies for recruiting job seekers and supporting employees on the autism spectrum. A well-received autistic advocate, author, and educator, Marcelle (aka Samantha Craft) provides unique insights you won’t find anywhere else. Explore proven approaches to attracting an untapped talent pool of job candidates and how to promote a positive workplace culture to retain a cognitively-diverse workforce.