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“Sam” and David 2019 in Bellingham, Washington, USA SHRM event.


Hello! Welcome to our services page. We are currently filling up our touring calendar for 2020 and 2021 events. Feel free to reach out to us directly at everydayaspergers@ gmail.com. We look forward to connecting. Spectrum Suite LLC works in partnership with NeuroGuides.

Marcie Ciampi (aka Samantha Craft) and J David Hall provide services worldwide, including keynotes, workshops, corporate training, advisement, and life coaching. We speak on a variety of topics, including inclusion in the workplace, autistic individuals in the workplace, late-age diagnosis, and neurodivergent empowerment and advocacy.

2019/2020 Recent Visits and Upcoming Appearances

Mix 96 Radio, Different Brains, EACE Neurodiversity Pre-Conference Session & Workshop, Washington State Employment Law & HR Conference, Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit, Southwest Washington Autism Conference, Bellingham SHRM, Metro Library Autism Advocacy Series, Seattle Aspiring Youth/Delphi Programs/Ryther, Stanford University, ERE Recruiting Conference, Chevron parent group, Elijah Winfrey Show, Microsoft, and Milestone Conference.

Examples of Services

The following is summary of two select services, out of several services we provide.

Neurodiversity Now: How to tap into the talent pool of the autistic workforce

A Drexel study reports that 53.4 percent of young adults on the autism spectrum become employed after high school—the lowest rate among all disabilities. CIPD research indicates nearly 75% of employers did not include neurodiversity inclusion in their managerial practices. How can thought leaders shift these statistics? How might the autistic workforce benefit an organization? How do workplace practices affect universal inclusion? What are the essential elements of a neurodiversity-friendly recruitment process? What ought every hiring agent know now about living on the spectrum? Get answers to these questions, and more, from leading experts in the field of neurodiversity, who happen to be autistic! A senior recruiter for a technology company, with contact with over 10,000 autistics around the globe, joins forces with the CEO of NeuroGuides, a consulting firm that works with autistics and employers. Join us and bring inclusion smarts back to your organization!

Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Training: Focus Autism

Our Organization: We bring well-respected educators and consultants to the workplace inclusion table to create engaging conversations on the topic of inclusion done right. Our expertise is pulled from one-on-one client work, consultancy in the business sector, over 2000 hours of combined study, and correspondence with 1,000s of autistic individuals and their supporters worldwide. Our Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Training: Focus Autism is based on direct experience working as a senior recruiter for a company with an autism-hiring initiative, where 70% of the workforce identifies with being on the autism spectrum. As autistic professionals, with grown children on the autism spectrum, we offer a unique perspective few other organizations can provide.

The Challenge: There are many initiatives for hiring autistic job seekers but few available models outline how to create an inclusive hiring and retention process for neurodivergent individuals. An autism-hiring initiative that doesn’t focus on inclusion measures—such as adjustments in the hiring process and autism awareness—puts organizations and individuals at risk. A lack of inclusion education means resources to support an autistic individual in the workplace, for example what it means to be autistic from an autistic’s vantage point, are missing. Generally speaking, a lack of inclusion efforts will lead to disgruntled, disengaged, depressed employees, who don’t want to participate or represent their place of employment.

The Solution: The return investment gained from implementing effective inclusion measures includes: self-examination, personal growth and job satisfaction; a sense of belonging, empowerment, and mutual respect; a capacity to reach full potential; an encouraging atmosphere to harness ideas and perspectives; a high rate of employee involvement; increased productivity and retention rate, and overall job satisfaction. And, inclusion done right doesn’t have to be costly. Inclusion measures can be folded into company processes and procedures. A little effort has the potential to lead to higher retention rates, happier employees, and greater bottom line.

Our Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Training: Focus Autism provides tools for implementing effective inclusion practices in the workplace for autistic individuals and all job seekers and employees. The unique insights are based on seven years of research and observation, including direct interactions with 1000s of job candidates on the autism spectrum, and direct interaction with over 10,000 autistic individuals and their supporters across the globe. Our universal-inclusivity training emphasizes the idea that best inclusion practices assist everyone, not just a select group or minority, encourage fair workplace practices, and discourage an inferior and superior construct. When we look at workplace inclusivity for everyone, we create unity not segregation.

Our diversity and inclusion training incorporates a uniquely designed five-step model of effective workplace inclusion: acknowledge diversity, acquire information about diversity, accept diversity, attend to diversity, and appreciate diversity. The objectives of the training aim to provide attendees with a greater understanding of diversity, neurodiversity, and inclusion, and to specifically address ways to effectively tap into a talent pool of autistic job seekers, employees, and those with similar (neurodivergent) profiles.

Day one training builds the basic terminology and information required to foster an engaging discussion around the topics of diversity and inclusion. The teaching focuses on how ideal inclusion measures incorporate diversity and inclusivity strategies and processes that benefit all employees. Topics include: societal assumptions, stereotypes, how diversity without inclusion inhibits individual potential, how effective inclusivity boosts personal growth and morale, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement, dominant group, discrimination, and explicit and implicit bias. During the day one training, trainers weave personal stories of being on the autism spectrum throughout the session.

Day two training, based on a 55k-page manuscript Autism in a Briefcase, examines the dimensions of diversity, including the concepts of intersectionality, personality traits, neurodiversity (e.g., autism, dyslexia, PTSD, gifted) and cognitive diversity. A primary focus of day two training is on common autistic attributes, traits, strengths, and challenges. The session includes the benefits of neurodiversity-hiring initiatives and provides exact tools to create an effective initiative, including communication practices, interview practices, potential roadblocks, legalities, procedures, processes, policies, handbooks, and rubrics. A written handbook of best practices for working with individuals on the autism spectrum is provided and may be duplicated for agency use. Participants are given access to a comprehensive online resource page and numerous online articles.

Training cost includes onsite training sessions for two consecutive days, trainers Marcie Ciampi and J David Hall, optional 50-minute conference call held before training, a multi-part PowerPoint presentation, facilitation of whole and small group discussion, resource materials, and online resources. Contact us at everydayaspergers@ gmail.com for more information.

Trainer Bios

Marcie Ciampi, M.Ed. (aka Samantha Craft)

Marcie is best known for her writings found in the well-received blog and book Everyday Aspergers. A professional educator, she has been featured in various literature including peer-reviewed journals, Aspien Women, Autism Parenting Magazine, The Mighty, Project Aspie, Art & Autism, and Different Brains. Marcie serves as a Senior Recruiter and Outreach Specialist at ULTRA Testing, a technology company with a neurodiversity hiring initiative, and serves as a consultant for Uptimize and NeuroGuides. She is a coauthor of Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism and speaks globally on the topic of neurodiversity as it relates to employment and self-empowerment. She is the founder of Spectrum Suite LLC.

J. David Hall, M.Div.

David is the founder of NeuroGuides, a non-profit organization that provides business consultations and life coaching for autistic people around the globe. His team works closely with autistic individuals to assist in vocational and relationship skills and access to services and accommodations. A father to three autistic persons, and on the autism spectrum himself, David is passionately focused on guiding neurodivergent persons to discover their strengths and to enjoy meaningful lives. Known as a relentless optimist and encourager, David speaks at various national events. David’s organization is partnered with the Aspergian, a writers’ platform that documents the autistic experience through the lens and work of autistic individuals. A fifth generation native Texan, David is enjoying his new found home in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


October 2019, Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab, Redmond, Washington, USA with ‘Sam,’ David, and employee lead Bryce Johnson.