Samantha Craft

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“Beyond loving and brave.”        

“Inspirational. Moved me to tears.” 

“Authentic and from the heart.”

“We had a great turnout of 63 for last night’s event with Samantha Craft on her book Everyday Aspergers. The presenter was engaged, informative, insightful, and honest, and held a lively and extended Q & A session. She brought her own display and gave away a copy of her book by raffle.We got a lot of positive patron feedback, verbal and written. Many people were touched, and I heard one patron say they were moved to tears. I will be recommending Samantha Craft to other TRL branches.”

~ January 2017 public event 


Autistic writer and artist, Samantha is best known for her prolific writings found in her well-received blog and book, Everyday Aspergers. A former schoolteacher, with a Master’s Degree in Education (special emphasis on adult education and curriculum development), Sam has been published in peer reviewed journals, been featured in autistic literature, and has completed several graduate-level courses in the field of counseling. Some of her works, especially The Ten Traits, have been translated into multiple languages. A natural entrepreneur, in her lifetime, Sam has established and developed a pre-kindergarten program, a counseling business, and a homeschool curriculum site. Recently, she founded Spectrum Suite, LLC, dedicated to the celebration of neurodiversity through the arts and literature, as well as a new YouTube channel “Samantha Craft” focused on females and the autism spectrum. Always attracted to a life of service, Sam has served as a volunteer tutor, a spiritual counselor, an friendadvocate for children with special needs, and a voice for individuals on the autism spectrum. Since 2012, she has had the opportunity to converse with thousands of individuals touched by autism across the globe. A mother of three teenage boys, (her second oldest son is on the autism spectrum), Sam lives in Western Washington where she enjoys writing, painting, the arts, movies, her work as a community manager for a technology company that employs neurodivergent individuals, and spending time with loved ones. Recently, Sam’s updated Unofficial Traits List has received worldwide attention with over 7,000 views in one day. You can contact Sam from this site or on Twitter @aspergersgirls.