Spectrum Business Consulting

Spectrum Business Consulting

Spectrum Suite LLC Business Consulting is for innovative business leaders, agency representatives, and trainers and advocates in the field of diversity and inclusion.


Why Spectrum Suite LLC?


·      Based on over 2000 hours of study in the field of autism and employment

·      Years of experience as a successful lead job recruiter for an innovative technology company with a neurodiverse hiring initiative

·      Correspondence with over 10,000 autistics worldwide

·      Taught by neurodivergent professional with Masters in Education

·      Unique 5 A’s of Inclusion Series




·      Three-part series ‘Diversity and Inclusion Excellence in the Workplace’


·      The essentials of best hiring practices for agencies with neurodiverse hiring initiatives


·      Advisement on best practices for working with adults on the autism spectrum


·      Ready-to-use Workplace Inclusion Plan (WIP) 


·      Two consult sessions


Contact Marcelle at everydayaspergers @ gmail.com, for more information.


Marcelle Ciampi (aka Samantha) has been featured in numerous articles and publications, including the topic of how workers on the autism spectrum enhance the workplace and work on the autism spectrum.